Solutions for Refiners & Suppliers

Succeed in Volatile Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Markets

Commodity pricing, real-time news and data help refiners and suppliers stay profitable.

Manage your oil market business challenges and stay profitable with access to spot and wholesale pricing indexes , breaking market news and refinery information . OPIS pricing, news and analysis on shifting market fundamentals and fluctuating price trends helps protect against the financial and supply risk involved with volatile oil markets.

Download our refiners and suppliers fact sheet for additional information about our pricing and information solutions.

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Know where oil prices are trading and where markets are trending at any time.

Refiners must know where the market is trading and trending at any time. For suppliers signing fuel supply contracts with customers, OPIS price formulas backed by accuracy and fairness benefit both the supplier and buyer sides.

  • Real-time spot prices : The OPIS Spot Ticker shows refiners where prices are trading throughout the day, in order to price products competitively.
  • Global spot market reports : Extensive spot pricing assessments and market analysis are available for the U.S, Mexico, Asia and Europe .
  • Very low sulfur diesel/bunker fuel : Track VLSFO and traditional bunker fuels pricing with the Global Marine Fuels Report .
  • Wholesale fuel index : Suppliers can access benchmark rack pricing for transparent wholesale price discovery at more than 1,500 terminals in nearly 400 markets. OPIS wholesale rack prices are the most-widely referenced pricing resource for supply contracts in the U.S.
  • Price history : Solve billing discrepancies and evaluate price trends using our extensive historical price database, TimeSeries . It includes historical spot and wholesale gasoline and diesel pricing and spot jet fuel pricing.
  • Searching for a specific commodity? Extensive commodity pricing for gasoline , diesel and jet fuel is available.

Live news alerts and market insight help you make faster, more profitable decisions.

  • Live refined products news alerts cover every important market-moving event in real time, provide insight on NYMEX price trends, share the latest in compliance with programs like IM02020, and include context for the overall supply and demand landscape. In today’s volatile market, with complex supply and demand dynamics at play, this service will provide you the important market intel you need.
  • The OPIS Newsletter provides an expert overview on several energy commodity markets, tracks organic growth and M&A opportunities and provides in-depth market analysis so you can understand trends and forecasts.

Get reliable daily crude oil price data, refinery feedstocks pricing and refinery updates.

The foundation of a refining business involves buying crude oil and feedstocks at the most cost-effective level possible and leveraging gasoline, diesel and jet fuel product sales – OPIS data enables you to buy low, sell high and maximize crack spreads.